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Gorilla Cookies

With the mission to create some of the world’s finest cannabis, breeders have crossed two incredible strains to create Gorilla Cookies. Both Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies have graced this sativa-dominant hybrid and given her strong effects that will get your day started off on the right foot. Although her lineage dictates super high THC levels, Gorilla Cookies is a bit more mellow and tops out at 23%. Buds tend to be rather small and dense, but what they lack in size they make up for with a thick coating of resin. A range of flavors and aromas await your palette, with classic flavors of lemon, pine, and earth pointing to this powerful strain’s genetic heritage. As a good hybrid does, Gorilla Cookies lifts you way up before bringing you down. A strong set of cerebral effects will impart a sense of euphoria that just won’t go away, and you’ll probably notice your creative juices starting to flow. Both body and mind tend to wake up during your high, so if you have some physical activities that need to get done, now’s the time. Although you will not come crashing down hours later, Gorilla Cookies will bring you to a relaxed state of mind with slightly sedative effects. Due to her ability to lift your spirits, Gorilla Cookies is a top choice of medical patients who struggle with daily depression, stress, and anxiety. It is highly recommended that you monitor your dose, however, because overindulging in this strain could exacerbate some of those issues. Individuals who deal with a variety of bodily aches and pains, as well as those who have trouble with nausea, will be pleased to see how quickly this strain targets those concerns. Bud Size: Small-Medium Texture: Caked Flavour: Earthy THC Content – 20% Common Usage – Loss of Appetite, Depression, Pain Effects – Happy, Relaxed, Creative

Northern Berry

Northern Berry is an incredibly famous indica-leaning hybrid known for its incredibly high THC concentration. For much of modern cannabis history, Northern Berry was known as and heralded as the strongest strain of modern cannabis. This is because the strain contains an incredibly high THC concentration which consistently tops out at near 30%. Today, that number is a bit consistent with a lot of top-shelf flower, but it is by no means the highest THC concentration in a professionally grown strain. The original breeder of this strain is up for debate, with some accrediting its invention to Homegrown Natural Wonders, and others suggesting that TCA Subcool Seeds first grew the strain. Regardless of who the first breeder was, both camps agree that the strain is a cross between Sweet Irish Kush and Trainwreck. Northern Berry is a daytime strain, as its effects are incredibly stimulating and not suited for the evening hours. Northern Berrynugs are medium-sized, dense, olive-green balls of chronic. These flowers smell quite strong and are a bit offensive to the nose of unsuspecting passersby. Expect a skunky, earthy scent that grows stronger as the buds are broken and ground up. The flavors inherited by this strain’s parents are quite prominent in its flavor profile, as both the inhale and exhale will have you tasting a mix between skunkykush, tropical fruits, and a bit of musty earth. To both the eyes and to touch, Northern Berry nugs are quite Indica in nature. However, the majority of the effects could not be farther from Indica. In fact, Northern Berry is often recommended by budtenders to those looking for the ultimate Sativa high. The high begins by launching your mood through the stratosphere out into the vast reaches of infinity and beyond. While your mind feels like its traveling at faster-than-light speeds, your body will be slightly relaxed and calmed down. Some will lose their focus on this journey, and will experience a spacey, heady, cerebral high. Others will become quite focused on whichever task they wish to accomplish and pursue it until its completion.
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Bubble Gum

An indica strain also called Bubblegum, Bubble Gum is a cross between Indiana Bubble Gum with a hybrid strain. The bud of this strain has up to 19% THC. True to its name, it has a delicious sweet flavour like that of a fruity bubble gum. Good for anyone looking to treat nausea, insomnia, depression, chronic pain and chronic stress. Its effects come on mildly rising to a feeling of happiness. Sativa: 50% Indica: 50% THC: 13-19%
champagne kush

Champagne Kush

A hybrid strain, Champagne Kush is a cross between the Hash Plant and Hindu Kush strains. The bud of this strain has up to 15% THC and CBD content is less than 1%. A markedly champagne-like flavour gives the strain its name, though it also has notes of sweetness and soil. Good for treating medical conditions like chronic pain, depression, loss of appetite and nausea. Its effects are balanced and create euphoria and improve sociability. Sativa: 50% Indica: 50% THC: 15% CBD: 1%

Space Monkey

Space Monkey is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Gorilla Glue and Wookie #15. The aroma is pungent, funky, sour, and dank with a little sweet lavender for good measure. You'll find a few bright orange-red hairs, and decent trichome coverage on Space Monkey's small to medium, mostly round, dusty to dark green nugs. Space Monkey enthusiasts love its relaxing body high, low-key head high, and say it's great for daytime use, aches and pains, stress, PTSD, nausea, and low tolerance smokers. Those who have smoked Space Monkey also report a smooth hit with notes of sweetness, pine, citrus, and lavender. THC: 22% CBD: < 1% Type: Hybrid

Strawberry Cough

Known for its sweet smell of fresh strawberries and an expanding sensation that can make even the most seasoned consumer cough, Strawberry Cough is a potent sativa marijuana strain with mysterious genetic origins. However, Strawberry Cough is thought to be a cross of Haze and Strawberry Fields. The skunk, berry flavors will capture your senses while the cerebral, uplifting effects provide an aura of euphoria that is sure to leave a smile on your face. Strawberry Cough is a great solution in times of elevated stress.  THC: 23% CBD: < 1%  Type: Sativa

Gods Gift

A strain that became popular in California dispensaries in 2005, God's Gift contains flavors of grape, citrus, and hash. Its parents are Grand Daddy Purple and OG Kush. No matter what your belief system, this strain is a "gift" with its dreamy, blissful effects. THC: 17-20% CBD: < 1% Type: indica